2020 Nominees

Nominations are now closed for the 2020 Coolest Thing Made in Idaho Contest! 

Check out the great list of nominees below…and cast your vote October 21st through the 28th!

Company NameProduct NameCityDescription & What Makes this Product The Coolest Thing Made in IdahoProduct ImageProduct/Company Website Link
22 DesignsOutlaw XDriggsDescription: Telemark Binding

The Outlaw X is the top-selling telemark binding in the world, made right in Driggs, Idaho. The Outlaw X was developed by 22 Designs as an all-around NTN (New Telemark Norm) binding with better ski control than any other telemark binding. It also features easy step-in and out, light weight, and a bombproof design. Built in Idaho with 100% US-produced parts consisting of stainless steel, machined aluminum, and premium plastics.
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44° North44° North Mountain Huckleberry VodkaMountain HomeDescription: Soft, sweet aroma. Notes of huckleberries along with hints of strawberries and vanilla lead to sweet, slightly tart finish. Distilled exclusively from Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes, this vodka is infused with natural, locally sourced huckleberries.

Made with two Idaho greats: potatoes and huckleberries!
Air Vise & WorkholdingAir Vise Table ViseBoiseDescription: A pneumatic Machine Vise designed to be controlled by a robot for automated machine tending

The reason this Table Vise is the coolest thing made in Idaho is that it has the potential to truly change how manufacturing is done throughout the entire United States. When most people think of Idaho we can all assume Potatoes is probably pretty high on the list. However the states growing economy has begun to produce some new and exciting technical innovation. With a little bit of air, parts can be loaded and unloaded out of the vise without the risk of under or over tightening your parts. The vises can also be operated manual by a worker during the day of by a robot at night. Air Vise is constantly working to develop new ways to help Idaho manufacturers stream line their production process.
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Alien Gear HolstersShapeShiftPost FallsDescription: Gun Holsters

It is beautifully designed. Completely interchangeable system. Fits all needs.
Alien Gear HolstersCore Carry KitPost FallsDescription: Pistol Holster

It is a superior holster at a superior price
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ALK-Abello, Sorce Materials LaboratoryAllergen ExtractPost FallsDescription: Natural allergens such as pollens, dust mites, and animal epithelium are the main ingredients of our products. Every year ALK grows, collects, and harvests several tons of allergens from our fields, tree orchards and greenhouse. ALK Source Materials supplies products worldwide requiring extensive testing to meet global standards. ALK strives to continuously improve and set the standard for allergen extract materials processing on a global scale. Our products are at an unprecedented level particularly for the allergy industry.

ALK Source Materials produces and stocks over 150 different allergens. Many products are available for immediate shipment worldwide. These materials are the source of proteins found in allergy immunotherapy treatments and diagnostics and analytical testing. Product categories include tree, grass and weed pollens, dust and storage mites, insects, molds, freeze dried foods, epithelial and environmental products. Our extensive line of products allows many customers to maintain ALK Source Materials as a single supplier which gives them the benefit of product quality consistency and convenience. ALK Source Materials is the largest U.S. supplier of house dust mite source materials.
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Annihilator BroadheadsBroadheadNampaDescription: Designed for archery hunting

In just 1-1/2 years this product has become about the most talked about product in the archery industry. It is extremely lethal and accurate making them The best broadhead on the planet according to almost every shooter!
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Aviation Specialties UnlimitedE3 Lightweight Night Vision GoggleBoiseDescription: The E3 is the lightest weight night vision goggle for pilots and crews

Pilots and crews conducting operations in dark and unfamiliar environments deserve the best technology to ensure they can accomplish the mission effectively and return home safely. ASU's advanced night vision systems safeguard air medical, law enforcement, search and rescue, defense, and aerial firefighters worldwide while they conduct life-saving missions. ASU's Generation III NVG technology intensifies light more than 6000 times to let pilots see hazards like power lines, radio towers, and dangerous terrain. The lightweight E3 night vision goggle, manufactured here in Boise, is the lightest weight system available. It reduces neck strain and fatigue, helping pilots and crews stay focused on the mission. ASU's E3 lightweight night vision goggle is the Coolest Thing Made in Idaho because it SAVES LIVES!
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Black SageSawtoothBoiseDescription: Anti Drone System

Black Sage provides anti-drone systems to military organizations, internal security agencies and airport authorities worldwide. We were established in Boise, Idaho in 2014. Here are some cool things about our team, our company and our products.

Detecting, identifying and defeating drones is cutting edge and cool. Our unmatched product innovation is cool. Protecting US military personnel is cool. Defending the airspace of some of the largest airports worldwide is cool. Providing security for leading intelligence agencies around the globe is cool. Working with the Air Force Research Laboratory and The Pentagon is cool. Our company name with roots in the Western United States is cool. Naming our anti-drone system after the Sawtooth Mountains is cool. Our office next to the Boise River is cool. The fact we beat competition from around the world is cool. Hosting visitors from around the world and showcasing Boise and the State of Idaho is cool. We love Idaho!
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Blue WolfIR Brake/Tail LightGarden CityDescription: New High quality multi-mode Tactical Vehicle Tail light.

Blue Wolf’s Multi-Mode Tactical Vehicle Tail Light (BW-A415-IR) provides over 40k hours of on-axle dependability. Our reliable LED lights offer bright running light and braking light in low-light and no-light operations as well as infrared 940nm signature light for Black-Out mode operations, compatible with night vision goggle (NVG) and other night vision devices (NVD). With its compact size, these units can be placed on any trailer, vehicle, or ATV's that require tactical lighting. This is a highly durable, aluminum made tactical light that's manufactured right here in Boise Idaho.
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Boise Juice CompanyJuice | Acai BowlsBoise & EagleDescription: Boise Juice Company specializes in crafting raw, cold-pressed and 100% organic juice enriched with the highest density of nutrients & flavor. We believe in supporting local and regional farms in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington that grow only 100% organic, non-GMO produce. Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Smoothies And Açaí Bowls.

Boise Juice Company started with the dream to experience the benefits of cold-pressed juice, and to taste the difference of whole food nutrition. Founded in 2016, Boise Juice Company was the first cold-pressed juice bar in the Treasure Valley and now operates in three locations in the Treasure Valley. They are locally owned and family operated and will always pride themselves in providing amazing service, high-quality products, and the best experience every time they get the opportunity to serve you!

Boise Juice Company specializes in crafting raw, cold-pressed and 100% organic juice enriched with the highest density of nutrients & flavor. They believe in supporting local and regional farms that grow only 100% organic, non-GMO produce. All of their juices are extracted using a Goodnature X1 commercial cold-press juicer, which maintains the temperature of the produce and limits oxidation by exerting more than two thousand pounds of pressure. Really want to get to know our juice? Come in and try it. They always have samples and their juice is so good, it will change the way you think about drinking your greens!
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Brigade Wakesurfing CompanyLight up (LED) wakesurf boardMeridianDescription: Custom wakesurf board for surfing behind the boat with wireless LED lights built into the board

Brigade Wakesurfing is the only company in the world that builds this product and it’s built right here in Idaho and the company was started by Shawn wright who grew up in emmett and started building surfboards in his garage 10yrs ago.
When you see this in person it blows people away! The first and only in the world
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Campbell CompanyGuardian WaveBoiseDescription: Accessible Pedestrian Signal

What's cooler than stopping the spread of COVID-19? That's right, NOTHING! The Guardian Wave is the newest Accessible Pedestrian Signal ("Wait", buttons as many refer to them) from Campbell Company, and allows a pedestrian to safely cross at an intersection with the wave of a hand! When looking at the Guardian Wave it may be hard to tell that it is different from the traditional cross walk buttons you use, and that's part of what makes it so cool! Yes there are other “cool” products made in Idaho but do they literally work in the coolest of weather? The Guardian Wave works when frozen and all the way at the very cool temperature of -40 Celsius, that's the cool way of saying -40 Fahrenheit. Stop touching the same buttons as everyone else, instead, do a cool wave in front of the button and be amazed that your call has been placed. So if you want to be cool, like the Guardian Wave, then vote for it as the "Coolest Thing Made in Idaho."
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Christensen Machine IncCrystal the Sugar BeetHeyburnDescription: Crystal is 14" DIA around and stands 20' tall. Her leaves are roughly 5'x7' long. She is made of perforated steel. Her body has been powder coated white and her leaves green. She weighs in at 1500 lbs.

Michael Christensen, CEO of Christensen Machine Inc-a full service machine & fabrication company, with CNC lathes & mills and lots of other machines that can make anything you can dream of, need or want, created Crystal in his shop. Crystal is one of a kind. She made her first appearance at the first Annual New Year's Eve Drop bringing in the 2020 Year in the Rupert Square, which is the start of a new tradition for many more years to come. Why sit at home and watch a giant ball drop on a tv screen when we can celebrate our agricultural, sugar beet roots and drop a sugar beet! Crystal the Sugar Beet is lowered at the strike of midnight, followed with a firework display. She represents the many acres of sugar beets grown and harvested in our valley, roughly 300,000, along with the world's largest sugar beet slicing factory in our very own valley. The annual Sugar Beet Drop is a great way for our community to come together, celebrate and show appreciation for a bounteous harvest of sugar beets that helps keep our community alive and thriving. The photo we are using can be found at Sugarpub.com Sugar Beet Magazine.
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Citizen Scientific WorkshopShredder V4 ProGarden CityDescription: Build your own plastics recycling capabilities and harness the power of plastics in the waste stream. Our Plastics Recycling Machine Pro kits provide an advanced set of high-power machines for your industrial plastics recycling and re-purposing needs. You will be able to build this kit with simple tools and commonly available power, no welding or machining is required. Our updated electronics boxes can be set up in minutes and simplifies lots of guesswork and problems when installing and operating the machine.

Local built and owned company that builds products that better Idaho and the world (global shipping) to aid in recycling.
The owner also sponsors local interns (from Meridian Technical High School) to aid in the efforts.
The rest of the product portfolio sponsored by sales of these products to sponsor STEM work as well with school systems around the world.

It is more about the value brought by this product and the impact it has to the rest of the marketplace as much as the coolness factor of the ability to destroy and recycle plastics and other materials.
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Daher Group (Quest Aircraft Company)Kodiak Series IISandpointDescription: The most advanced 10-Seat short takeoff and landing TURBOPROP aircraft

The Kodiak line of aircraft was founded in the Pacific Northwest with a mission — to design and produce the next generation of short takeoff and landing aircraft capable of bringing services and heavy supplies to the most remote regions on the planet. The Kodiak 100 was first introduced in 2007 by Quest Aircraft Company, which was subsequently acquired by the Daher Group, which is among the top 10 business aircraft manufacturers in the world.

Although the company’s founding may be rooted in humanitarian aid, it did not take long for the rest of the world to realize that this ultra-modern, ultra-safe and extremely rugged plane had a place in business and general aviation.

The Kodiak fills a niche somewhere between helicopter and business jet — able to haul cargo or passengers in refined luxury, takeoff under 1000 ft. and fly 1000 miles with amazing economy.

It is the only sport utility vehicle with wings.
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Daher/QuestKodiakSandpointDescription: A turboprop airplane designed for austere, remote environments.

It's a really cool airplane designed to reach the remotest of places with a considerable payload.
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DECKEDDECKED Truck Storage SystemKetchumDescription: DECKED revolutionizes in-vehicle storage with an innovative, weatherproof and ergonomic solution for almost every full size pickup truck and cargo van owner. 1

This product turns a normal pickup truck bed into a model of efficient storage. It was invented, designed, and made by Idahoans for Idahoans and others who haul a bunch of crap around in the back of a truck for work and play.
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EGO FishingEGO Kryptek S2 Slider Landing NetCaldwellDescription: Sport fishing landing net with the most advanced handle extension technology and interchangeable net heads and handles

The EGO Kryptek S2 Slider landing net comes with the revolutionary S2 slider extension handle technology. With a simple pull or push of the S2 Slider handle grip, it gives the savvy angler real-time control of the handle extension length throughout the fish capturing process. The innovative modular platform also allows the handle to detach, providing interchangeability of attachment tools and compact storage.
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Encoder Products CompanyAccuCoder EncodersSagleDescription: Industrial rotary encoders

Most Idahoans are likely unaware they depend on rotary encoders every day. A necessary component in complex motion control systems, rotary encoders sense motion and transmit a signal to a computerized control device. Encoders help ensure your elevator stops on the right floor, the ski lift operates at the right speed, your car steers properly, or your beverage bottle is sealed tightly and the expiration date is readable. Additionally, most Idahoans don't realize many of the encoders they depend on are manufactured in Sagle, Idaho, just a few miles South of Sandpoint. Established in 1969 by a Sandpoint native, Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a global leader in designing and manufacturing rotary encoders. EPC's AccuCoder (tm) encoders feature advanced proprietary sensor technology and boast industry-leading performance. The encoders produced in the company's 100,000 square ft factory can sense motion down to the ten-thousandths of a degree and respond in less than a microsecond. Because encoders are integrated into the mechanical devices they help control, they come in many sizes and shapes and have many options. While EPC's AccuCoder line of products has millions of configuration variations, most can be manufactured within a day or so. AccuCoder encoders are shipped around the world and used in a vast array of industries and applications. Examples are industrial robots, rocket guidance, dam floodgates, textile weavers, conveyors, timber harvesters, warehouse doors, medical equipment (MRI, CAT Scan, ventilators), aircraft antenna, DNA analyzers, self driving forklifts, truss manufacturing machines, packaging machinery, food processing, wind turbines, rock crushers, railroad maintenance cars, ink jet printing systems and on and on. Walk down the aisle of any store, drive by an automobile showroom, or look in your own closet, fridge or medicine cabinet. There's a good chance something you see is there thanks to an EPC AccuCoder. And that's pretty cool!
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ENCODER PRODUCTS COMPANYAccuCoder ProSagleDescription: Programmable rotary encoder

The AccuCoder Pro (tm) is a technologically advanced motion sensing device used in a wide range of industrial and commercial machinery. Traditional rotary encoders have fixed parameters at the time of manufacture, requiring inventory for each separate variation with no customer modification possible. The breakthrough AccuCoder Pro uses proprietary programming software, computational algorithms and sensor hardware to allow customers in the field to easily modify the encoder resolution, output circuit and waveform to match specific application requirements. This game-changing configuration flexibility enables customers to consolidate inventory and eases integration into factory production lines. In addition, the AccuCoder Pro has performance characteristics and feature sets that greatly exceed other encoders on market. Designed, developed and manufactured in Sagle, Idaho at the global headquarters of Encoder Products Company, the AccuCoder Pro can be programmed via a simple, intuitive user interface that runs on Windows laptops, PC's or tablets.
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Episciences, Inc.EpionceBoiseDescription: Medical grade skin care

The medical aesthetic industry is a billion-dollar industry with strong annual growth. Epionce is a medical grade skincare line developed based on original bench research by a local dermatologist. Epionce products are the first to be clinically proven in head-to-head clinical studies against prescription products, and are the first products to provide the same results without irritation. Especially with the consumer shift to wanting natural, healthy skin, Epionce is continuing to have solid growth through the pandemic. Sold through physician offices and medical spas around the nation and through international distributors around the world, award winning Epionce products are manufactured in Episciences' own FDA inspected drug manufacturing facility in Boise.
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Erth Beverage CompanyErth Switchel and Erth SodaGarden City, IDDescription: Healthy, TASTY, botanical sodas

These drinks (switchers, sodas (none alcohol ginger beer, for example) are amazingly good for "heathy" drinks. They have taken the place of sweet sodas, water flavorings, and drink mixes in our house. We met the two 30-something owners and were really impressed by their dedication to making this stuff "correctly." They distill everything! No questionable syrups, etc. So they distill the ginger, the fruits, etc. Also, each beverage type is sweetened ONLY with Idaho honey. One of the owners has a background (degree) in nutrition, but has also studied herbs, Chinese medicine, and other related subjects. She also has worked in the field. The other (husband Eric) worked in beer making, and there, learned about the distilling and brewing processes. Very earnest, dedicated, and Idaho-proud.
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FACTOR 55UltraHookGarden CityDescription: The world’s safest winch hook. Featuring Industry first Closed System Shackle Mount hole machined into the body of the hook, safety latch retraction pocket resulting in a clear throat opening, integrated secondary safety latch locking feature-latch locking pin stored in the body of the UltraHook which can be removed and inserted in to the hook tip, locking the latch into place. EPDM rubber pads for fairlead protection, titanium double shear pin, and a finger grip feature that promotes proper “Hook Up” orientation. The first winch hook that can be stored against your fairlead protecting either your hawse or roller style fairlead from a metal to metal connection. Made in USA U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,388,025 Foreign Patents Pending

The Factor 55 UltraHook has become legendary as the safest winch hook on the market to date. This hook incorporates an industry first Closed System Shackle Mount hole that is machined into the body of the hook, a safety latch retraction pocket which results in a clear throat opening, and an integrated secondary safety latch locking feature-latch locking pin stored in the body of the UltraHook that can be removed and inserted into the hook tip, locking the latch into place. The UltraHook also includes EPDM rubber pads that protect the fairlead. The winch hook can be easily stored against the fairlead, and will protect either a Hawse, or roller style fairlead from a metal to metal connection.

Industry Setting Design: The industry first design of the closed shackle mount hole makes this winch hook the safest on the market. The integrated secondary safety latch locking feature can be removed and inserted into the hook top, locking it into place. The hook can be used with both synthetic winch lines and wire rope cables up to 3/8" in diameter.

Tough as Nails, but Lightweight: The UltraHook is made out of ultra weight 7000 series military grade aluminum which is light, but is rated for a 16,000 lb. maximum load. The hook is coated with a hard anodized finish, and is available in Red or Gray. The EPDM(Environmentally Degradable Polymeric Material) rubber pads provide protection for the fairlead.
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Farrell IndustriesIdaho Wood ArtMiddletonDescription: Products include bowls, jars, canisters, candle holders, vases and other artwork hand-crafted from reclaimed Idaho fallen trees.

Farrell Industries makes unique art pieces, hand-carved from Idaho fallen trees and reclaimed structures. Each piece has a story. The tree, stable or fence post may have been in the ground for a' hundred years. Each is part of Idaho's most sacred of resources, it's trees. The popularity of our products has required us to expand. We are very grateful. Thank you for considering us.

It's our joy to bring this sacred part of Idaho, to the world.

Note :: My husband (BRUCE FARRELL LEE) has been in construction his whole life, taking out farms, trees and displacing the birds and animals that lived within, with Idaho's tremendous growth the past 40 years. He's devoted retirement to bringing life back to otherwise discarded trees and structures. Reclaiming some of what's lost here. In more ways than one ! It's a sweet and powerful story.
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Fiberon DeckingComposite DeckingMeridianDescription: Composite Outdoor Decking

Fiberon composite decking is a high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative. Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without all the time and expense of maintenance and is made right here in Meridian Idaho!
You love the outdoors and your beautiful new deck will be a living space that integrates your home seamlessly with the natural environment.
Our sustainability story starts with this unlikely match—all the best qualities of recycled wood, combined with the long-lasting resilience of recycled plastic. The blending of these two materials is the reason why our products last, and why they’re sustainable from start to finish.
About half of what’s in our decking comes from recycled wood—sawdust and leftover material that would otherwise be discarded. That’s the beautiful thing. Even though they look like wood, we aren’t cutting down trees to make our boards.

Think about this: the average wood deck uses about 11 Southern Yellow Pine trees. With Fiberon, we’re doing the opposite. We’re saving more than 1 Million trees from being cut down every year.
That’s about 15,000 football fields worth of healthy forest saved each year.
We think trees should give our backyard’s shade, not flooring.

The other half of the core of our deck boards come from recycled plastic. Think grocery bags and recycled packaging material. A typical American family uses around 1,500 plastic bags each year. And each gets used for about 12 minutes. Then you’ll likely find it in a landfill, or in the ocean, where it could last up to 1,000 years.
But it’s this same resistance to decomposing that helps make Fiberon Decking last a really long time. So we recycle those same plastic bags, incorporating 2,000 of them into a single deck board.
By year’s end, we average 100 million pounds of recycled plastic put to good use. That’s the weight of two full cruise ships. Let’s use plastic for things we want to keep for a while, not just 12 minutes

Making Fiberon Composite decking requires a lot of water. The good news is, we reuse almost all of it. We keep a water reservoir about the size of a standard swimming pool at each plant. And we use it. And reuse it. And reuse it again.
Our closed loop system recycles the same water every day. With it, we prevent billions of gallons of water from ending up in the waste stream—enough to fill up 5,300 Olympic-size swimming pools. Water is precious. Let’s save every drop.

We reuse 98.5% of the waste from our manufacturing process – from misfit boards to router clippings. Every day. It’s one way we’re keeping our footprint small when it comes to manufacturing.

So that's why we think Fiberon Decking is the Coolest thing in Idaho! A beautiful, long-lasting, low maintenance, eco-friendly product, that's better than the real thing!
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FurlThe Rive SeriesGarden CityDescription: Series of interior wall lights that physically move and expand when turned on or off.

The rive series is a collection of modern and unique lighting wall lamps designed with three separate parts that form into one. Beautiful as they are in their closed OFF position, a simple flick of a switch changes each of the design's shape by moving two outer pieces outward into the open ON position. As the two outer halves move away from the center, ambient white light fades on and casts behind the sconce, highlighting the shape of the design providing beautiful lighting for the space it’s placed in. In addition, a user selectable color center light provides a touch of hue to enhance its visual appeal while accenting the light’s center piece and environment.

When the light is turned OFF, the two outer halves return to the center while the white ambient light fades to OFF and the colored light remains ON for a few seconds longer creating a unique glowing edge effect on the center shape - we call this furl glow.

We think this lighting is very unique, and adds a new design element to the LED Lighting Industry! Everything is manufactured right here in Boise, Idaho!
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Ground Force WorldwideFuel & Lube TruckPost FallsDescription: Ground Force Rigid Frame Fuel and Lube Trucks are ENGINEERED FOR PERFORMANCE and built to last. Our fuel and lube trucks are adaptable to fit any rigid frame chassis on the market today and are developed specifically for moving large volumes of product in high production mining applications. We offer many configurations and custom features as well as heated and enclosed fuel and lube trucks for extreme and cold weather applications. Ground Force Rigid Frame Fuel and Lube Trucks are PROVEN to INCREASE EFFICIENCY and REDUCE MAINTENANCE COST for your operation.

At Ground Force Worldwide we design, engineer, and manufacture the World’s Finest Mine Support Equipment. We offer a diverse product line for surface & underground mining and have trucks working in over 60+ countries worldwide. We have been providing our customers and dealers with custom solutions for over 30 years. Our history of innovation and strong customer relationships around the world prove us a World Leader in our industry.
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Hillco Technologies, Inc.Combine Leveling SystemNezperce, IdahoDescription: A bolt on design that allows for combines to harvest in hills while keeping cab and bulk tank level.

Hillco Technologies, Inc. holds contracts with Case New Holland and John Deere that allows combine warranties to remain in effect when installing a Hillco Combine Leveling System after the combine is built. Customers who harvest in rolling hills and steep terrain are able to save grain, time, and money by installing a leveling system. Combine leveling systems allow for combines to harvest in the hills, keeping their header flush to the terrain while the cab and bulk tank are automatically leveled which allows for greater comfort for the operator as well as better grain savings. Hillco has two models of Levelers; Sidehill Levelers level over to 18% which are prominently sold in the Midwest Corn Belt and Hillside Levelers level to 27% and are primarily sold to the farmers harvesting on the steep terrain of the Pacific Northwest.
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House of DesignAutomated Truss SystemNampaDescription: Roof and floor trusses are built by robots

A project that has been turned into a manufacturing equipment product being offered across the United States and Canada. The largest truss manufacturer in the US is purchasing systems. We are providing solutions for the housing shortage by offering systems that can keep pace with unprecedented demand for building components. The robots supplements existing labor in a time of shortage, decreases safety risks and exertion for employees and increases production output. House of Design has also created system software to provide ease for operators and support innumerable truss designs. Robots pick wood members, preplate them with nail plates, sequence and layout the truss design for finish pressing. These systems will revolutionize the future of the building component industry.
What makes them cool? Take a look: https://vimeo.com/450261186
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Hydrus BoardtechHydrusEagleDescription: Paddle boards , river surf boards

Perfectly crafted boards for our Idaho waters and beyond
IDAHO NATIVEIDAHO NATIVE STICKERS, TSHIRTS, WALLART & HOUSEWARESBoiseDescription: All Idaho Native products support Idaho Native Lifestyle. I love their stuff.

The coolest thing about Idaho Native is WEARING and GIVING IDAHO NATIVE SWAG to all my IDAHO family and friends. Even those who've left the state love remembering their home-state. We are the BEST STATE after all !

I've never seen anything as cool as their IDAHO is TOP DOG shirts ! We have more dogs (per capita) in Idaho than any other state ... I found my shirt in the gift store in the mall ... I LOVE IT.

Check out the Idaho Native ... I'm sure you'll agree, they are they make the COOLEST THING MADE IN IDAHO !
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In The Ditch Towing ProductsSide PullerMountain HomeDescription: Patented Side Pullers for Carrier or wreckers

The Side Puller is made In mountain Home Idaho. You can add to a Carrier or Wrecker Tow truck to handle any job small or large. The side Puller has multiple sizes for any Tow Truck and helps towers get the job done faster and get off the side of the road even quicker.
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IndieDwellIndieDwell HomesCaldwellDescription: small footprint, sustainable and energy efficient modular homes

I appreciate their community approach to affordable housing using modular construction and their mission of "Revolutionize the building industry by producing dwellings that better occupant health and well-being, improve the health of the environment and empower community."
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indieDwellHomesBoiseDescription: homes made out of recycled shipping containers

Not only are these products cutting edge and are beautiful once installed, they are built to be durable, environmentally friendly and are built at a lower cost than stick built homes. Each home is built with energy saving appliances, an ERV system to provide excellent air quality standards, strong insulation, and products that are built to last. This product proves that you can build high quality and sustainable housing for low income areas.

These homes are not only being built to be installed locally. They are being used to provide emergency housing in San Jose California. They were built into dorms at the College of Idaho. They are being used to provide low income housing through a partnership with local non profit: LEAP in Boise.
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indieDwellContainer HomeCaldwellDescription: Home made from a shipping container

We build affordable, energy efficient, sustainable homes and provide a living wage to our teammates. We are fulfilling a need for affordable housing in this country, it's awesome.
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indieDwellM9BoiseDescription: Shipping Container Home

We utilize stock from the 25+ million decommissioned shipping containers in the world to build affordable housing to help solve the affordable housing crisis...that's damn cool!
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Joule CaseJoule System Portable PowerBoiseDescription: modular battery system

This system fits a variety of applications from a single device to an entire home to a large music festival.
<img src="https://www.swima.org/app/uploads/sites/2/2020/10/Joule-Case.pdfVisit Website
Joule Case LLCPortable Power StationBoiseDescription: A High-Power, Low-Profile Battery Generator That "Stacks" for Added Remote Power

This is the most versatile battery storage on the market. It replaces a diesel generator and can "stack", to provide the level of power that is needed. We've used it on car and camping trips. Much quieter and cleaner than a gas generator and if you have solar, it is "free" power.
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JR Simplot CompanyLate Blight Disease Resistant Potato for Bangladesh and IndonesiaBoiseDescription: A bioengineered potato that offers protection from Late Blight Disease, the top potato disease in the world.

The J.R. Simplot Company, headquartered in Boise, was awarded a $5.8 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to provide blight resistant potatoes to Indonesia and Bangladesh. As part of this grant, Simplot has engineered both the Granola and Diamont varieties of wild potatoes using resistant genes found in wild varieties of potatoes around the world.

Simplot has shipped to both countries for confined field experiments. Since the bioengineered potatoes contain three separate blight resistance genes, they are considered to offer the most robust protection of any potatoes available in the world to late blight disease, a fungus-like pathogen that leads to an estimated $6 billion in crop losses each year.

This is likely to alleviate 6-30 fungicide sprays each season by farmers which are about 40% of their cost, resulting in an increase of usable potatoes and a more profitable crop in these developing countries.
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Karmik OutdoorsKarmik Lost and Found DeclasBoiseDescription: The first lost and found decals for outdoor enthusiasts. We help outdoor enthusiasts ensure their valuable equipment is identifiable and returnable.

We launched Karmik Outdoors to help people get their gear back. Karmik Outdoors provides outdoorsmen and women a reliable method of preventing the loss of outdoor recreation gear. By affixing our decals to your outdoor gear it ensures your gear is easily identifiable and returnable. We seek to be the most trusted resource for helping outdoorsmen and outdoors women to recover lost outdoor recreation gear. We connect you back to your gear and, therefore, to one another. #Lost.Found.Connect.
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Kodiak Aircraft Co.Kodiak 100SandpointDescription: Aircraft (in this case, luxury SUV of the sky)

The Kodiak 100 has been Idaho's coolest product since hitting the market in 2008. Over 250 aircraft have now departed Sandpoint, ID to all points on the globe. Designed to handle unimproved airfields and rugged work, this luxury-SUV-of-the-sky has handled missionary work, humanitarian relief, and countless pleasurable flights. Northrop Grumman's adaptation of the Kodiak as the Air Claw™ surveillance craft has to be mentioned for the obvious cool-points involved as well. This short take off and landing, high capacity aircraft is ultra-reliable and has an excellent safety record. The fact that Priest River, ID's Aerocet Inc. now complements this beauty to make it amphibious, with speedboat-like handling "checks" any remaining squares on any cool-product scoring checklist; maximum Idaho job-creation, versatile, outstanding in its field, representative of Idahoans (rugged, good-looking, cooler-than-most), and contributing to missions worldwide. Dear committee, your search is over; Idaho's coolest product is the Kodiak 100.
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Lubrication Sciences InternationalDicroniteNampaDescription: Dry lubrication powder for industrial use

Dicronite® dry lubrication is dry air applied at ambient temperatures, requiring no cure time, binders, adhesives or carriers. It provides an extremely low coefficient of friction, and with a maximum thickness of 0.5 microns will not affect precision tolerances. Dicronite® dry lubricant bonds to metallic, ceramic and resin substrates. It goes to the moon!
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NuuSolCascadeCaldwellDescription: Flip Flop

The best flip flop out there and love it even more that it's made down the street not in China like all the rest.
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Orchard Studio Shelby JamesLive Edge Furniture & Cutting BoardsBoiseDescription: UNIQUE LIVE EDGE FURNITURE BORN IN IDAHO

All of the furniture and products Shelby James makes are unique, one-of-a-kind art pieces and come from the soul of Idaho fallen trees ... each piece speaks of a lifetime in here in Idaho. Truly an Idaho gem !


Thank you so much for considering Shelby James and his Orchard Studio.

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Orchestra ProvisionsPico Grillo, Chili Lime Salt, Chai SpiceCarmenDescription: Cricket protein founded seasonings and nutrient dense superfood powders.

Orchestra Provisions is finding solutions to feed billions of mouths with waning natural resources. Insect protein is a wonderful source of human nutrition with a problem attached, most people in the western world have an aversion to eating insects. This company is innovating, showing that insects can be eaten as ingredients where you don't have to see or taste them. This fits our current food systems formula using ingredients that are whole food, nutritious and sustainable (whereas many ingredients in the lists of foods we eat are hard to pronounce and hard to digest).

The shock value of this product drives curiosity, this allows people to try a product they are unsure about and change their mind. This company is chancing consumer behavior and bringing an un-utilized food system to the mainstream. Insects require very little arable land, and a fraction of the water and feed as other competing protein sources. In comparison, crickets have g-g more protein than beef, iron than spinach and calcium than milk. Orchestra's seasonings come in 9 flavors of seasonings that you use in place of regular seasonings but have the added value of 3 grams of protein, iron, prebiotic fiber and other nutrients. The therapeutic mixtures are packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals and can be used as beverages, baking mixtures, smoothie additives and any other creative project.

A largely traditional and agricultural state is housing an incredibly forward thinking company with a mind to improve the food systems upon which we sustain. These values make Orchestra a prime candidate for the coolest thing made in Idaho competition!
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outpak.comOutpak Corrugated Construction WashoutBoiseDescription: Disposable Construction Site Washout for containment of concrete sediment, paint, drywall, stucco and mortar

We all know how beautiful Idaho is and we appreciate our many waterways.

We at Outpak Washout want to preserve our environment as much as possible. Creator Bob Eason invented a portable, disposable construction washout to ensure that construction sites have an easy, yet cost-effective way to complete their projects but save the environment by containing harmful waste sediment from getting into the water table. And for the past 13 years, Boise's own Outpak Washouts has expanded, now providing washouts to all 50 states as well as 6 countries!
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Pack-A-PullPack-A-PullMeridianDescription: Ultralight Block and Tackle system

Pack-A-Pull ultra light block and tackle and micro pulleys are designed with backpackers and big game hunters in mind. A full block and tackle hardware Kit (with bags) only weighs 4 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand.
The size and weight is nothing like anything else on the market. But what really sets our block and tackle apart is the unique design allowing it to be used as 2 separate hoists with 1 set of micro sized hardware. That’s right, 2 hoists with 1 set of hardware. There are many uses and benefits; for example, hanging 2 loads of meat separately allows the meat to be staggered for better cooling. Plus when you return to pack out some of the meat off the mountain, you can leave the other bag hanging until it is ready to be packed out.
Other benefits include multi party backpacking; for example, you and a good friend take your families backpacking together. Your families food is hung on one rope, while their food is hung on the other. No need to lower it all down when you only need part of it… all with one set of hardware on one structurally sound tree limb high off the ground.
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PKG, Inc.As Directed TLC (Total Linked Care)MeridianDescription: TLC includes a smart medication dispenser, operating system software, and connected service. Patented (U.S. 8,453,874 & CA 2,578,910) dose dispensing results in the only device of its kind that can be used by more than one person.

More than just a pill dispenser, As Directed Total Linked Care (TLC), is a TEC assistant for anyone seeking a more convenient way to manage personal health and wellness. Designed to fit into the home environment as a smart appliance, TLC provides an instant, real-time connection between caregiver and recipient. With its onscreen text messaging and voice recording options, it can handle multiple reminder tasks at once, such as prompting recipients to take vital statistics or reminding them to administer critical injectables. Preset alarms require each recipient to dispense preloaded dose packages at scheduled times. Each of these is preset by the responsible caregiver using specific response time parameters. After responding to an alarm, recipients receive video and text messages prompting them to open the device drawer and dispense their dose packages. Dosing instructions for the dispensed medications can also be programmed to display at the dispense time.

TLC is equipped with an onboard camera to snap photos in conjunction with pre-programmed alarm schedules, giving the caregiver a visual on the recipient's identity and health status. Additionally, caregivers can be alerted via text when medications are dispensed and removed on schedule, or if the recipient ignores TLC alerts.
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PrecisionCraft Log & Timber HomesCustom Wood HomesMeridianDescription: Milled, Handcrafted & Timber Frame materials for custom homes

We manufacture custom log and timber home building materials that become one-of-a-kind custom homes across North America and around the World. Our collection of milled log, handcrafted log, and timber framing manufacturing capability enable us to create hybrid designs that fit the unique architectural style of each client and their location. Our manufacturing techniques range from handcrafting with hand tools and chainsaws, to the creation of precise mortis and tenon joinery via CNC technology.

email contact for awards: sjohnson@pfbcustomhomes.com
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Premier Technology. Inc.Large Scale Nuclear ComponentsBlackfootDescription: Large Scale Nuclear Components built for the Inegrated Head Packages (IHP) Vogtle & Summer Nuclear Power Plants in the Southern United States.

These components were the first of their kind built on United States soil in over 50 years. Premier Technology was the only vendor for the large scale project that was based in the North West. These components will help supply safe clean and consistent power to millions of people every day. What could be cooler than that?
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Pro Moto BilletSector Seven Spectrum Lighted MirrorsNampaDescription: Billet Aluminum Side Mirrors with Integrated Lighting for UTVs and Jeeps

Sector Seven Spectrum LED light mirrors will revolutionize the way you see the world, day and night! The ultimate upgrade to help you light up a 210-degree field of vision in front and convex mirrors for maximum rear view. CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum for superior strength and toughness, with removable bezel that can be color coated. Adjustable break-away action lets you determine arm strength, while the ball joint adjustable mirror enables adjustment without chance of vibration. With 180-degree rotation to assist in rear illumination, Spectrums are a versatile, superior light mirror combination for UTV, Jeep, and Off-Road Enthusiasts. Navigating tight terrain has never been so easy!
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Radio BrewingIdaho Sexy Huckleberry WheatKelloggDescription: A light summer wheat with the perfect hint of huckleberry

Brewed in uptown Kellogg, the heart of Idaho's beautiful Silver Valley, all of Radio's beers are cool. They represent a broad range of brewing talent and have unique monikers, often named after old-time radio dramas or local Silver Valley landmarks. The art that accompanies the beer is cool as well. Brewery co-owner, Ashley Holden, does all of the artwork herself and is fond of the vintage, pinup style. Idaho Sexy Huckleberry Wheat is a great example of a product that shows the world how cool Idaho really is. She and her partner, Fred Mehaffie, make beer that looks and tastes uniquely "Idaho sexy!"
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Ramper InnovationsTISABASBoiseDescription: Conveyor Belt to revolutionize how planes are loaded

TISABAS is a product that is going to change how planes are loaded and save airline millions in uncertain times. The competition is expensive and difficult to operate. TISABAS is a fifth of the cost, and easy to use.
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Rants & Raves BreweryAnonymous IIPAMoscowDescription: This is a double IPA beer that has won 4 international awards and countless local awards. Best beer anywhere!

Of all the beers I have this is the best beer ever! Super well balanced. 8.5 ABV and 98 IBU's. Very well balanced and smooth to drink.
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Raptor Equipment, LLCSolderBiteBOISEDescription: World's only mobile soldering station

SolderBite is the only soldering tool to perform 00+ AWG soldering to 30 AWG on either A/C or D/C. To give an idea, you will need a torch to solder 3 and above AWG wire. With Idaho's more demanding temperatures it has been tested in the dead of winter and still able to outperform any of it competition. The tool was developed by a former Idaho Air Guard member who served at Gowen Field as an ASOS operator. The tool is a disruption to field and mobile soldering, wire stripping and heat gun. All done on a quick interchangeable battery. The product developer and owner has been working and redesigning this tool for over 7 years. Which resulted in a modular design and a US Utility Patent.
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Reclaimed Lumber ProductsLow Profile Barn Door HardwareNampaDescription: Sliding barn door track for low ceilings

Sliding barn doors are all the rage right now but not everyone has enough room above their door to be able to mount the track hardware. Reclaimed Lumber Products has invented the lowest profile track on the market right now that only requires 1 7/8" inches above the door slab. This product is great in older homes that have lower ceilings, home with crown molding, or basement applications.
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Reclaimed Lumber ProductsIdaho Barnwood PanelingEmmettDescription: Reclaimed lumber paneling

Historic Idaho barns, grain elevators and fences are remilled into a "mailable" wood wall. We take old barnwood and give it new life in new products. One of our hottest products is Idaho Barnwood Paneling as described on our website here: https://reclaimedlumberproducts.com/product/accent-wall-paneling-idaho-barn-wood-blend.

This paneling is providing warmth and character in many homes, businesses and restaurants throughout Idaho but also all over the US. When the reclaimed lumber craze hit a few years back we were one of the first to market with a "shipable" wood wall. Prior to our innovative processing and packaging, if someone wanted the warmth of reclaimed wood on a wall you would need to source it locally and have a finish carpenter clean up and install old barnwood. Reclaimed Lumber Products streamlined and innovated that process.
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Rekluse Racing LLCRadiusCX Auto ClutchBoiseDescription: Centrifugally activated clutch product which eliminates stalling a motorcycle when taking of from a stop or when coming to stop. Makes riding easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The RadiusCX is the latest flag ship auto clutch product Rekluse offers. Auto clutches are the primary products Rekluse is known for. This product demonstrates Rekluse's ability to continue to innovate since launching their first auto clutch product in 2002. Rekluse engineers and manufactures all their products in Boise, Idaho.
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Rocky Mountain ConstructionTopper and IBox TracksPost FallsDescription: This track can be used to rehabilitate an existing wood coaster into a new state of the art attraction or can be designed for a brand new ground up attraction. The Ibox track allows for thrilling elements such as inversions, steeper drops, high banking turns etc., that traditional wood tracks do not allow.

RMC is making some of the biggest/wildest rollercoasters in the world. Whether it is reinvigorating wooden roller coasters or building new coasters with thrilling elements such as inversions, steeper drops, high banking turns, etc.
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Rocky Mountain ConstructionRollercoastersAtholDescription: Three types of rollercoasters: IBOX Track, Raptor, TOPPER Track

Rollercoasters! The product name speaks for itself. Rocky Mountain Construction is a leader in the roller coaster industry - all over the world. This is the essence of "coolness."
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Rocky Mountain HardwareBronze European MountHaileyDescription: Display your trophy antlers on this customizable cast bronze skull!

Hunting is a huge sport in Idaho and displaying your prize antlers is no longer restricted to a dusty trophy room, as they make a bold statement in any room. Our solid bronze European Mount is completely customizable, from Antelope, Elk, Moose, Deer, or Big Horned Sheep, display your trophy antlers with pride and style. Available in your choice of twelve patina finishes.
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RohinniLightThreadCoeur D'AleneDescription: LightThread is the thinnest string of light, made of miniLEDs measuring less than 1mm in any direction.

LightThread enables the use of light anywhere. Imagine a string of light in a football helmet, a running jacket, a magazine cover or the seatbelt of your car. The possibilities are endless with thin, flexible and power efficient light in LightThread.

Companies around the world are racing to develop technology to use miniLEDs (LEDs the size of a spec of dust) and Rohinni, an Idaho company, has developed the leading technology to use the microscopic lights. LightThread demonstrates the future use of light that is small enough to fit through the head of a needle, while being incredibly bright and incredibly thin. LightThread was designed and made in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
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Sapidyne Instruments Inc.KinExA 4000BoiseDescription: Flow Fluorimeter

This amazing piece of biotech can measure protein interactions down to parts per TRILLION. It is used in cutting edge research for both drug discovery (inventing new medicines) and detecting environmental toxins. It is designed, and manufactured in Idaho!
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Sasquatch Tool Corp.Ventilator lens toolNampaDescription: A cutting tool designed and manufactured to cut 3 features at once to reduce production time in the field.

At Sasquatch Tool Corp., we make tools that can’t be found!
This particular tool was designed Right here in Nampa Idaho to machine ventilator lenses for a manufacturing company when Covid-19 hit. Because it cut 3 features at once, production time was reduced resulting in a quicker turn around for our customer.
Silicon Mountain Contract ServicesSneaky HunterNampaDescription: Personal LED hunting or hiking lights that attach to your feet

This product was thought of by a Salmon Idaho Hunter. He used a Local EE (Ambient Sensor) to help with the circuts. He used a local design shop (SGW) to design and prototype the design. He used a local CM (Silicon Mountain) to manufacture the Electronic Assembly and used a local Injection molding company (Micro Molding) to develop the unit housing.

This product was thought up, designed and manufactured all in Idaho!
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SJX Jet Boats, Inc.SJX jet boatsOROFINODescription: Extreme shallow water aluminum jet boats

Fun! and utility. These jet boats go where no others can. They are used by sports enthusiasts as well as first responders around the world. These tough boats will run in mere inches of water and will get you where you need to go and back again.
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Slant 3DAngled.ioNampaDescription: On demand printing capability for products. Reduces the cost of inventory for parts or products that can be 3D printed. Lowers the cost of scalability with just in-time production and shipping

For many companies, the cost of inventory for parts or finished products is a heavy financial burden/hurdle. On-demand printing of these parts or finished products lowers that hurdle considerably.
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Slant 3D3D Printing FactoryNampaDescription: A large number of 3D printers working in parallel to product volume parts

For those who find the cost of molds prohibitive to get to scalable volume, this "farm" can produce many parts fairly quickly at a lower cost. Lowers the barrier to scalability.
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Slant 3DMason 3D PrinterNampaDescription: The Mason 3D Printer is a professional 3D Printer for prototyping in shops and factories

The Mason allows companies to create brand new products from thin air. And with the Slant 3D factory backing it up, designers can prototype with the Mason and then put that product into full scale production without ever having to purchase tooling.

Today most 3D Printers are manufactured outside of the United States. The Mason is one of only a few that are still manufactured hear.
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Spencer Opal MineJewelrySpencerDescription: Beautiful, unique opal set jewelry. Many one of a kind items. Opal is locally mined.

The small town of Spencer in eastern Idaho is often referred to as "The Opal Capital of America". After all, it's here you'll find the largest opal mine in the state—Spencer Opal Mine—where you can dig for your own opals.
You will be able to find a one of a kind item.
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StanCraft Boat CompanyStanCraft BoatsHaydenDescription: Hand Crafted Dreams Built One Boat At A Time

StanCraft boats are one the most beautiful hand crafted items built in the world let alone Idaho. Each boat is built with the hands and tools of some of the best Idahoans that I have ever had the honor of working with. The fact that I used tools that my grandfather passed down to still create something that is hand built in Idaho, makes me more than proud!! Every boat is different from the next and they all have their own personality. When one leaves our facility to be delivered to the owner it is like watching one of your kids leave home. You hope the world will take care of and that it will never be damaged. The most passionate people I have ever worked with put their blood, sweat and time away from their family into every boat we have the opportunity to build for the most amazing clients in the world.
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Sticnstac, LLCStic-n-stac Releasable Cable HoldersBoiseDescription: Stic-n-stac is a patented and UL Listed plastic cable holder that replaces metal staples used in positioning Romex™ wiring in houses and apartments.

Ben Franklin, the first cool American, famously discovered the relationship of metal to electricity, and Boise's own Gary Gintz, a second generation electrician, has invented a product that Ben, in the vernacular of 1780, would have deemed, "Cool.” It takes the harm of Ben's discovery out of the equation for electricians by making metal staples obsolete.  Stic-n-stac is safer and results in huge savings in both time and money. 
Stic-n-stac is a patented and UL Listed cable holder that replaces metal staples used in positioning Romex™ in houses and apartments. Stic-n-stac revolutionizes this wiring method that has been used for over 70 years.  The US Fire Administration data for 2014-16 notes:  "The leading specific items most often first ignited in residential building electrical fires were electrical wire, cable insulation (31%) and structural member or framing (18%)."  Metal staples can compromise the nylon insulation under the plastic sheathing of Romex™ while plastic Stic-n-stac does not. Stic-n-stac devices adhere rapidly and securely to the framing, and make wiring of buildings go much faster and with less fatigue. Stic-n-stac can be installed prior to running the wire or used on the fly. Either way it saves time and money.
When we show Stic-n-stac to electricians, both professional and DIY, they ask, "Where can I get them?" = "Cool."
No more hammers, no more smashed thumbs, no more heavy tool belts, plus vast labor savings. How cool is that?
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Talus Expedition GearCampPack CamperLittleton, CODescription: A compact drawer based solution for camping that does not inhibit your vehicle from traveling rough and tight roads

The CampPack Camper allows you the freedom to camp and cook anywhere. You are not inhibited from roads that a traditional camper or truck/trailer combination cannot manage. You can easily go from camping to work, if need be, because your gear is confined to your truck bed. Everything is organized, both in camp and while on the road - things aren't shifting around as you drive.

Add the 23ZERO roof top tent and shelter becomes even easier.
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Talus Expedition GearVenturePack CamperBoise, IDDescription: Drawer-based camper for off-road trucks

The VenturePack Camper has all the camping basics mounted on two easy-to-use drawers: running water, a two-burner propane stove, active refrigeration, a stand-alone battery power system, and lots of easy to access gear storage. It turns your off-road truck into a camper, almost like you took the wheels off a teardrop camper, squashed it down into a compact box, and slid it into the back of your truck. It lets you go farther with a water filtration system, solar panel recharging system, and up to 17 cubic feet of storage. All in a compact package that sits securely behind your tailgate. Plus, it's made by a small company based in Idaho, Talus Expedition Gear. The two brothers who started the company love the local market and try to source as many of their materials from local Idaho companies.
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TechHelpMixKwikBoiseDescription: MixKwik

Kip Blair invented the MixKwik Spray Paint Shaker in his hometown of Victor, Idaho in 2008. Kip had a "beerpiphany" and came up with the idea after exhausting his arms mixing paint on a construction job. Since then, the MixKwik and the MixKwik Mix Tube, have gained global attention.
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Tedder IndustriesAlien Gear HolstersPost FallsDescription: Gun Holsters

What is cooler than the best gun holsters in the universe! Holsters completely out of this world! Not only do they make amazing products, but they are the best company I have ever worked for!
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The StilEd & Carl Take RenoBoiseDescription: Infused ice cream made with idaho dairy milk.

The Stil (the sweetest things in life) is gaining national attention with its tasty treats. Dan and Kasey are taking a staple of Idaho (our great milk products) and turning them into something that is hard to resist.
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Unique-ARsUnique GripMcCallDescription: Custom Grip

This completely customizable Unique-Grips perfectly conforms to each shooter’s hand, regardless of size, shape, strength or dominance. This ergonomic pistol grip adjusts exactly to your hand to reduce fatigue and improve performance. The patented functionality of the grip allows it to compensate for the natural twist of every shooters hand. Instant fit, instant comfort. Made of space-age polymers this grip easily installs on all mil-spec AR platform rifles. Simply grip it, lock it, and fire away. Weight is 4.2 oz.
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Unitech CompositesLightweight Armament Supporting Structure(LASS)HaydenDescription: Armament Supporting Structure

Well, it's probably one of the most complex hand laid up assemblies consisting of both metallic and carbon fiber components. And...it turns utility helicopters into attack helicopters without compromising a significant amount of available weight.
One of a kind part:
1. Troops support- Holds Rockets, Mini guns, Multi use
2. Hand made- No prefabrication-Complex Lay up and assembly.
3. Lightweight
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VersaBuilt RoboticsMultiGrip FJ ViseBOISEDescription: Pneumatically Actuated Fixed Jaw Vise for Machining.

The MultiGrip FJ Vise is a high precision pneumatic fixed jaw vise. It is designed for for use in a CNC mill to clamp a workpiece for machining. This vise is suitable for both manual and automated machining of your parts. The innovative design generates 4400lbf of clamping force at 120psi with repeatability of <0.0005".
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VersaBuilt RoboticsVersaBuilt CNC Mill Application KitBOISEDescription: CNC machine tending system for multi-operation machined parts

The CNC Mill Application kit brings together VersaBuilt's intellectual property including MultiGrip Technology, Robot2CNC and more into a comprehensive kit of components that our customer installs and brings up in a day. The CNC Mill Application Kit enables multi-operation parts to be processed unattended and lights-out. This kit elevates the role of your personnel in your operation to higher value tasks.
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Xact AudioThe Beat MagDrive® turntable and LT tonearmBoiseDescription: vinyl record player and tonearm

Maybe the biggest reason why this record player deserves consideration for Idaho coolness is, it is the best sounding record player in the world!

Second, this isn't a run of the mill turntable design. Most modern turntables are simple and easy to make belt drive units. The Beat uses a much more sophisticated magnetic/eddy current three phase drive system. The delivers a much more stable and constant speed. Constant speed is critical for solid imaging of the musical instruments. Magnetic drive is also considerably quieter than a belt system, resulting in better low level detail retrieval.

The tonearm is also unique in the world of linear tracking tonearms, or any other tonearm fo that matter. No air pumps or external periphery. Zero tracking error all the way across the record. This design keeps the stylus at a true 90 degree angel to the record groove at all times. More importantly, there is no lateral loading on the stylus or cartridge's suspension. This allows a much faster reaction time to the groove modulations. This gives the music a live sound with the best dynamics ever heard from vinyl.
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ZipLine StringsSlushy Edition Yo-yo StringNampaDescription: All the strings in the *Slushy Edition* category are composed of a unique ZipLine recipe of blended thread types. The primary highlight of ZipLine Strings, and what makes them so special, is the ‘Core Thread Blend’, which helps our strings to be a bit more unique in a way of extended performance. This blend also improves our strings ability to perform solid - air cutting whips, and slacks that continue to stay wide open, even after hours of play.

These srings are designed and made in Nampa Idaho by Jeremy Park, and his adorable family, using a custom made string winding machine. These strings are definitely not your boring, plain general purpose yoyo strings. They are high quality, competition grade strings, infused with vibrant color, awesome personality, and a strong sense of community. These are strings that people love to play, and talk about. Every order comes with a hanwritten note from the park family.
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